Learn why we recommend TRUEGRID for all of your permeable paving needs.


Use TRUEGRID® when your project calls for 100% pervious cover or when you need more land on site for parking or building. TRUEGRID® often eliminates the need for costly detention ponds by allowing stormwater to infiltrate through the surface and into the ground below where it’s detained in a base layer of detention stone.


TRUEGRID® performs for 20+ years and requires virtually zero maintenance. It encapsulates aggregate fill, preventing pulverization, migration and dust clouds. Unlike permeable concrete, TRUEGRID® requires no pressure washing or vacuuming and remains highly permeable without clogging for life. H20 and HS20 rated.


Detention and retention ponds waste land and dollars, while adding time and headache to the paving process. But you can eliminate or reduce your need for a detention pond and qualify for pervious cover with municipalities with TRUEGRID®. Simply specify TRUEGRID® with stormwater detention underneath the TRUEGRID® surface.


TRUEGRID® offers install speeds of 1,000 square feet per man hour with no need for staking thanks to their patented X-anchors. This makes TRUEGRID® one of the easiest pavers to install. We can drive fully-loaded dump trucks on empty grid to dump and spread rock. Then we lay the pre-assembled, palletized 4’ x 4’ sections directly on the rock and fill with a small angular stone.


Permeable paving is at the heart of LID programs. TRUEGRID® is green from manufacture to end use. For starters, it’s made from 100% recycled plastic. TRUEGRID® allows for the filtering of stormwater via bioremediation, eliminating toxic runoff while helping with flood control. These positive effects not only improve the environment, but also allow you to gain LEED credits.


TRUEGRID® offers a natural aesthetic with grass, gravel or step stone elements that empower your creative vision. A grass fire lane for dog walking instead of a cracked concrete strip? A decorative, mixed use, stabilized common area with pavers, grass and gravel instead of hot asphalt? Recycled polished glass filled pathway instead of blacktop? Reimagine it all with TRUEGRID®


Permeable pavers like TRUEGRID can absorb floodwaters with zero runoff. TRUEGRID can handle high traffic, heavy load environments and won’t produce potholes or cracks over time. It’s attractive with a natural aesthetic and can be installed with gravel or grass fill. It’s cool, safe and eco-friendly. Best of all, TRUEGRID allows you to save land while eliminating detention ponds and flooding.