TRUEGRID is the perfect choice for driveways, walkways, patios, shed bases, yard stabilization and countless other residential applications. No matter what you need paved around your home, you can count on us to do it right.


Natural Aesthetic

Flood Prevention

Low Maintenance

Fast Installation

All Weather

Eco Friendly

Grass Driveway

This property owner wanted to achieve a unique natural aesthetic in the middle of a major metroplex. No small task. But TRUEGRID can be used to stabilize grass making this driveway a walk in the park. We used TRUEGRID Pro Lite for this project but highly recommend their new Root permeable paving system for grass.

Neighborhood alleyway

With its close proximity to the Gulf, Houston gets more than its fair share of rain. For unpaved streets and alleyways, this can mean mud, ruts and ponding. But fortunately there’s a solution. TRUEGRID ProPlus is strong enough to handle regular vehicle traffic. But it’s also permeable, which means no more flooding. This quick install will keep this alleyway mud and rut free for decades.  

Backyard walkway

TRUEGRID isn’t just for paving drivable surfaces. It’s perfect for pathways and walkways, too. Its natural aesthetic compliments stone and rock landscaping. The grid cells offer stability and safety while walking. We installed TRUEGRID ProLite to make the perfect path for this family’s backyard oasis.

Circle Driveway

When this family built their dream home, they wanted a dream driveway to match. First and foremost, it had to be beautiful. Second, it had to retain a curved shape. Third, it had to be permeable to help mitigate any flooding. And finally, it had to be durable. TRUEGRID ProPlus was the obvious choice. And we had a great time installing it.