Whether you’re an architect, engineer, general contractor or business owner, we’ll work with you to make sure your TRUEGRID installation is an exceptional experience. Check out some of our favorite commercial installations below.


Paver Strength

Flood Prevention

Land Savings

Leed Credits

Dust Reduction

ADA Compliance

World’s Largest Permeable Parking Lot

This 15 acre lot required 625,000 square feet of TRUEGRID ProPlus. But what it saved was even more impressive. For starters, it saved the lot owner the expense of building a detention pond, not to mention 4 acres of land. Second, it saved time. We built the lot from start to finish in just 10 weeks. And finally, since TRUEGRID is made from 100% recycled plastic, it saved the equivalent of 6.5 million plastic jugs from entering landfills.


There are few places on earth where land is more valuable than at major international airports. So when this airport needed a new fire lane, traditional impervious paving and the wasted land for stormwater detention ponds were out of the question. Fortunately, TRUEGRID offers 100% stormwater detention directly beneath the grid. We installed TRUEGRID ProPlus on this project due its unmatched compressive strength which is more than enough to handle the weight of 30 ton fire trucks.

Commercial Equipment Lot

Few environments are more demanding on pavement than commercial heavy equipment lots. The constant torquing and turning of 50 ton trucks can rip concrete and asphalt to shreds. But TRUEGRID has S-Flex Joints that allow the paver to move and flex under load. Preventing potholes and extending the life of the surface. We installed more than 65,000 square feet of TRUEGRID on this project alone.

Grass Parking Lot

When it came time to repave their crumbling parking lot, these property owners started looking for an option that enhanced the natural landscaping around their business. A TRUEGRID grass parking lot turned out to be the perfect solution. Not only is it an attractive addition their facility, it will last for decades with minimal maintenance. Best of all, it’s 100% permeable, so ponding and flooding are a thing of the past.